More Than an Aspirin: a Christian Perspective on Pain and Suffering

Cover PhotoLife inevitably brings loss and pain. While it is possible to live through these times in redemptive ways, this requires effort and conscious choice at a time when energy and motivation are in short supply and faith is often besieged by doubt.

Drawing from her own life and many years of counseling experience, Gay Hubbard offers patterns of effective thinking, practical daily activities, and the discipleship of self-care. Above all, she shows how to “know Christ, the power of His resurrection, the fellowship of His suffering, and, in this knowing, become like Him. It is a prospect to strengthen the weariest pilgrim, worn with the worst of pain.”

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Women: The Misunderstood Majority

From the Contemporary Christian Counseling series comes this guide to helping women in your counseling ministry. Dr. M. Gay Hubbard explores some of the findings and present debate in psychology of women to help women and their counselors think more clearly about women as women, the challenges they face, and the options that frame their choices.

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Marriage Made in Eden:  A Pre-Modern Perspective for a Post-Christian World

Our culture's version of marriage is not as God designed it to be.  With more emphasis on individualism and consumerism, today's married couples tend to lost sight of God's original purpose for marriage - a call for his people to take Jesus's message to the heart of everyday life.  Please visit Wipf and Stock Publishers and


COUNSELING WITH SKYPE:  For clients for whom distance is an issue, Dr. Hubbard is now accepting clients via Skype.

UPCOMING EVENT:   Radio Bible Class, Discover the Word

December 2010 - Check Radio Bible Class website for dates

Dr. Hubbard will be interviewed by hosts Mart DeHaan, Haddon Robinson, and Alice Mathews.